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10 Best YouTube Tricks And Hacks

YouTube is a video-sharing website. It was first created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim. Later, it was bought by Google. YouTube allows users to upload,like,unlike and comment a video. But, did you know that there are some cool tricks. Yes, there are some hidden YouTube tricks. Want to know what are those tricks? Have a look at the full post.

1) Repeating the video : Repeating the video is an hard task for some people. This trick is useful when you are playing your favorite song. Here the steps to repeat a video :

Click on the video URL.

Open the video which you want to keep in repeat mode.

Edit the URL from "" to " www,".

Then, your page will be reloaded to a new link " ".

2) Best Keyword Shortcuts : YouTube too have some keyboard shortcuts but nobody uses to well. I hope the people who are watching this post will use it. 

K = Pause / Play. Whenever you press K button the video gets paused and if you press the K button again then the video starts to play again. M = Mute. You could use M button to Mute the video whenever you want!
(Upwards Arrow) = The upwards arrow is used to increase the volume of playing video!
(Downwards arrow) = The downwards arrow is used to decrease the volume of playing video!
(Rightwards arrow) = The rightwards arrow is used to forward the video for 5 seconds!
(Leftwards arrow) = The leftwards arrow is used to backward the video for 5 seconds!

3) Use The Force Luke : Want to impress or shock your friends by using some trick? If u want to, then here is a trick that will make your friends surprised and will shock them too. 

Step 1 : Open YouTube website.
Step 2 : In search box, type " use the force luke " and press enter.

4) Doge Meme : Go to search box on YouTube homepage and search " Doge Meme " and then the text on that page will turn colorful.

5) Do The Harlem Shake : Go the YouTube homepage and search " Do The Harlem Shake ". Then, the the YouTube plays a song and starts to shake the page.

6) Leanback : Go to and then you could search,open anything using your keyboard.

7) Download Youtube Videos : Every-time whenever you want to download you favorite video from YouTube, it becomes a big task for you. But, now with this simple trick the big task becomes to a small task.

Step 1  : Open any video and click on url.
Step 2 :  Edit the url from to and click on enter.
Step 3 :  That's it! You will displayed with video which you want to download..

8) Video to GIF : You could GIF's from YouTube just by typing gif in-front . This will allow you to create GIF of your favorite moment of a video. 
Step 1 : Open any video and click on URL.
Step 2 : Change the URL from to and press enter.
Step 3 : The page will reloaded to new site, where you could make GIF's.

9) YouTube Test-tube : If you type and press enter. Then, this will allow you to test upcoming YouTube features. And not only this but also you could find what's gonna updated before anyone does!

10) The Slow Mo Video :  There are two methods to keep the video in slow motion. The first is going to settings and changing there.. And this is common and everyone does this! But, if you will hold on space bar then the YouTube will be in Slow Motion!

That's it for now, Hope you all liked these simple tricks. Do share it with your friends!

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