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How To Boost Facebook Post Using PayTM Wallet

How To Boost Facebook Post Using PayTM Wallet
Facebook is the no.1 social networking site. It was launched by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4,2004. Facebook is also great place to advertise your posts,websites and many more.. Facebook is now featuring so many ways to boost posts. Previously, you could only boost your post through credit card and net banking. But, now Facebook has added PayTM to boost post. You could now boost your posts using your PayTM Wallet. It's becoming easy now to reach more people.

After reading the post title,a question might have come across your mind. That question is how to boost post using PayTM wallet. It very simple to boost your post using PayTM wallet and i will be showing you how to boost facebook post using paytm wallet that too with screenshots. 

Here are the steps to Boost Facebook Post Using PayTM Wallet :

First,upload a post which you want to boost. (If you want to boost your website post, you should write good description and nice picture that attracts more visitors.)
After finishing of uploading your post, Click on boost post.
Before Boosting the post, create the audience of your own choice. (In the picture below, I have already created audience. You can create by clicking on create new audience.)
Enter your own budget for boosting the post.
You could also choose duration for boosting post. (In the picture, I had chose 1 day.)
Click on Add Payment Method or Add to Balance.

Select PayTM Wallet option and click continue.
Enter the amount and click on review payment.
Next, click on Make Payment.
Now, click on Continue.
After clicking on continue, a new window opens. (login if you didn't logged in)
After that, click on Pay Now.
Then, click on OK
And now click on Boost.

That's it. You're done! Your post will submitted for promotion and a mail will be sent your gmail
account,where you could find how money is spent for your boosted post..

You could also watch this video if didn't understand the above process. Hope this post is helpful for you. Share it with your friends!!

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