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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins

Hello all, Today let us know what are the best WordPress plugins to customise our website. Wordpress is a good place because it is easy to manage for everyone even with a zero knowledge on coding. Wordpress is simpler and plugins for WordPress made easier to customise the site.

Why We need plugins for Wordpress  : A plugin is a bit of programming containing a gathering of capacities that can be added to a WordPress site. They can expand usefulness or add new components to your WordPress sites. WordPress plugins are composed in the PHP programming incorporate consistently with WordPress. In the WordPress people group, there is an expression that goes around: "there's a plugin for that". They make it simple for clients to add elements to their site without knowing a solitary line of code. There are thousands accessible for nothing to download at the authority WordPress module catalogue.

How to install plugins in Wordpress:

Firstly, Open your website and from plugins options click on Add New.
Search any plugin and click on install now button.
At last, click on Activate Plugin. That's it! You've successfully installed a plugin.

This is what we all need to know plugins and now let have a list of useful plugins which makes our work easy and make our website look professional. Here I will give a clear description about the which I name and also its purpose and a lot more about them

1.Yoast Seo: Yoast is a plugin for a better on page SEO. This plugin This  a lot better plugin than some other paid plugins. You can manage  Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta tags and it also checks the target keywords is present where it needs to be. Use Yoast for better SEO

2.MaxCDN: Your Website may be slower due to  many errors, if this is your problem MaxCDN works for you, MaxCDN is a plugin which is used to increase the speed the website . You can make your website to load faster than before using MaxCDN.

3.Related posts: You want your readers to stay on your site for a longer time than you must use Related posts plugins for your site. Related posts plugins show some others articles written in your sites and makes the reader read many articles on your site.
4.Envira Gallery: Yes you have an inbuilt plugin wordpress to upload and customise the uploaded images. Envira Gallery allows you to create responsive collections. Envira Gallery allows you to create multiple galleries and also allows you to place them wherever you want to. Use Envira Gallery to make your galleries look more beautiful than before.

5.Redirection: 404 error in website looks bad and it reduces your visitors. It usually happens when the page is deleted or when the page is moved to another location. Redirection plugin helps us to redirect our customers to some other link or to the homepage of our site. Redirections save us from losing our visitors at 404 errors.

6.Buffer: You need to upload something after an hour but you have some other work, not a problem we have Buffer to upload it after an hour. Buffer allows you to schedule your posts as per the time you mention. Buffer keeps your social  accounts even in your nonexistence.

7.Soliloquy: This plugin adds a slide bar to your website. This plugin is easy to create a slide bar which helps you to drive traffic to some other posts. It also helps you to increase your sales. It allows you to create a beautiful slider which is easy to create and customise.

8.Akismet: Spam is one of the major problems in our site. Akismet plugin a spam filter. It helps our site to get rid of spam. This is highly  required a plugin for your plugin because there are many spammers in your way, Most of the comments we get to our site are from spammers. Akismet filters and removes the spam comments and shows only the genuinely written comments to the viewers.

9.Share Buttons by Add to Any: Social media helps us to generate more traffic to ur website. We get more traffic when some viewer shares our post with their friends. So we need to add Share buttons for them to share our articles in social media. Add to any is the best plugin for social media share button. This plugin gives to good looking buttons to share and also follows to visitor till the end of scrolling and make to share our post on social media.

10.OptinMonster : This plugin helps you o increase your email list.This is the best plugin to convert your visitors into customers. This is must have a plugin to grow your email list in lesser time. OpinMonster is the best plugin to achieve more leads in 2016.

These are all the plugins we need to make us website loo professional and work professionally. Hope you lie this post .This is all for today :).

Happy Blogging, Happy Earning

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