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Everything About CarryMinati - Wiki, Age, Income

Everything About CarryMinati - Wiki, Age, Income

CarryMinati is the one of the most popular Indian youtube star. His real name is Ajey Nagar and he was born on 12 June 1999. He is mostly famous for making rant/roasting videos of viral videos on the internet. CarryMinati channel has blown up in the year 2016 when he made a video of roasting BB ki vines, As Bhuvan has reacted to it it has seen the video made by CarryMinati and reacted to it It has become viral and for the next month CarryMinati has become so active and made back to back videos which have earned him 50,000 subscribers within a Month. CarryMinati Started his youtube channel on October 30 2014

CarryMinati Profile

Name: Ajey Nagar
Age: 17
Youtube: CarryMinati with more than 1.15m+ Subscribers
Facebook: CarryMinati With more than 231k+ official page Likers
Twitter: Ajey Nagar  With more than 46k+ Followers
Instagram@CarryMinati with 214k+ Followers

CarryMinati Income :Youtube is a great platform to earn a good amount of money  and a person with more than 1.1m subscribers can get a huge income from these videos he made. CarryMinati Youtube Channel he mentions that ''I AM A PERSON WHO INSULTS PEOPLE FOR YOUTUBE MONEY YES I AM RICH I HAVE 2 FORTUNERS .'' He himself has said that he is rich it means he is a good income from the channel.
Here is the income of the Carryminate, The Estimated Monthly Earnings of Carryminate is Around $4.7K - $75.6K. CarryMinati estimated yearly Earnings is Around $56.7K - $906.7K

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